Motherhood - not for sissies

Motherhood - not for sissies

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Seven months ago I had a baby. I did not plan to have a baby seven months ago. I planned to have a baby four and a half months ago. My baby came eleven weeks early. I know that I am not alone, and that there are so many mummies trying to deal with prematurity, yet it can sometimes feel like the loneliest place in the world. 

After discovering an organisation called 'The Smallest Things' I started reading blogs from other parents with premature babies, and suddenly I realised that I was not alone, nor was I alone in my thoughts, as I battled to get through each day without a flash back, or tears, or guilt, or helplessness. Soon I wrote blogs of my own and it helped! It helped me to make sense of what had happened and what I was feeling. It also helped others! I was delighted to read comments from other mums saying they had felt the same, the same things had happened to them, or that my writing had simply made them feel better. My friends who do not have premature babies also said it helped them, that they understood a little more of what happened, that it made them think differently about what and what not to say to me. And so here we are. My very own blog. 

It's for me really. To help with my recovery and to help me to move on. But if it can help others in the way 'The Smallest Things' has helped me then I will be thrilled. It may also, at times, stray away from prematurity, which, when trying to move on, is no bad thing.

So welcome, and thank you for your support.

Love Michelle xxx

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